Welcome to the King's Manor Interdisciplinary Conference Wiki.

The Basics:

Fri. July 15th - Sat. July 16th 2011 | King's Manor | York
This free conference is held to encourage interdisciplinary discussion between postgraduate students in the disciplines represented at King’s Manor, University of York:
Archaeology | Medieval Studies
Eighteenth Century Studies

The final schedule is now confirmed and downloadable:

We welcome submissions from related disciplines. The deadline for abstract submissions is Fri. July 7th at 5:00pm
This is a fantastic opportunity for postgraduate students to share their work in a friendly and constructive environment

It is your contributions that will help make the conference a great success!
More details on the practicalities.

More details on the format.

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The Theme:

Capturing the ephemeral: Understanding the past through written and material culture.

What does this mean? Well, we want people to think about connections between disciplines that study the past. The notion of the ephemeral is something shared by all such disciplines.

Better still, we want to know what this theme might mean to you. That is why we have created a website you can edit.
More information about the theme and seeds for discussion.

This Wiki:

Although it might seem very technical, using this wiki is no harder than sending an email or updating facebook!

We want people to get involved as soon as possible and would love your input in more ways than just papers or discussion in the session. Hopefully, this platform will enable fruitful discussion in the run up to, during and after the conference.

So, go and explore our pages, create a profile, and create pages that tell everyone about your ideas! We would love to have contributions that are more creative than traditional papers and this space is designed so we can plan, discuss and facilitate your ideas - whether its a craft workshop, art installation or performance! Or something we couldn't even imagine!
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